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How Can Your Dentist Aid Your Sleep?

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Oral Health

how can your dentist aid your sleep

Everyone knows that the quality of sleep we receive each night strongly affects our general health and wellbeing.

However, several illnesses can impair sleep, and many people are unsure how to treat these conditions for more restful sleep.

To find the source of the issue, you might be tempted to visit your family physician or a sleep specialist. Still, you might be shocked to learn that another healthcare professional, your dentist, can also assist.

How Your Dentists Can Help?

A large population of nighttime teeth-grinders do it unconsciously. Some people can sleep through excessive grinding, but for others, especially if it starts to cause chronic pain, it might keep them up at night.

This could explain why you wake up at night with a worn-out or aching jaw.

Although mild tooth grinding won’t create many significant issues, excessive grinding can result in chronic dental health problems if left untreated.

Fortunately, there are remedies for people who clench or grind their teeth. Some of these remedies deal with the harmful effects of teeth grinding, while others can help you permanently kick the habit.

Your Norlane dentist may recommend a night guard or splints to prevent tooth grinding damage if you’re unsure that you will be able to stop grinding your teeth while you sleep.

The guard will stop you from grinding your teeth, but it won’t always address the underlying causes of your grinding habits. Fitting you for a suitable mouthguard is our dental specialists’ most frequent procedure to lessen teeth grinding.

The ones we employ are far more efficient than those bought from pharmacies or the internet, and they will probably fit you more pleasure while you sleep.

Your dentist may also need to modify your teeth or use crowns to fix the damage if it is especially severe.

Find relaxing activities you can do, like listening to music or meditation. If you grind your teeth when you’re anxious or agitated, you could also stop the habit by reducing your stress levels.

Using muscle relaxants has also been successful for those who grind their teeth as they sleep.

Additionally, your dentist might be able to help you modify your habits and mouth and jaw positioning to reduce the likelihood of you clenching your teeth.

In any event, if you ignore your tooth grinding, it could develop into a severe issue. However, discussing additional measures to lower your overall stress level with your doctor could also be a good idea.

Making Sleep Better with Mouth Appliances

According to studies, a straightforward dental appliance can significantly enhance your sleep, particularly if you have a sleep disorder.

Researchers have discovered that a person’s breathing and sleep issues are caused by how their airways close down while sleeping. Your mouth is placed in a way by dental devices, like the one we at Norlane Dental Aesthetics and Implants build specifically for you to prevent your airway from becoming blocked.

These devices resemble an orthodontic retainer and are similar to the mouthguards worn by athletes.

These oral appliances maintain your jaws in a forwards position during the night to maintain an open airway.

They adapt your teeth’s shape, which, like a retainer, can help keep them in a straight posture over time. Your health will improve over time as a result of getting more rest.

Dental Care in Norlane

A dental device may help you sleep better if you struggle with sleep problems, including snoring, teeth grinding, or mild forms of sleep apnoea. To ascertain whether such procedures are appropriate, speak with your dentist.

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