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5 Benefits of Clear Aligners for Straightening Your Teeth

by | May 18, 2023 | Clear Aligners

benefits of clear aligners for straightening your teeth norlane dental surgery

Straight teeth are easier to guard from dental health issues; thus, they are more important than merely for aesthetic reasons. Maintaining the appearance of your smile, though, isn’t superficial.

Your work and personal life benefit significantly from a confident smile.

The following list outlines the top 5 benefits of using a clear aligner system to straighten teeth.

#1. Invisible and discreet

Adults who don’t want to make their orthodontic treatment obvious in public or social settings consider clear aligners a great alternative.

They are almost entirely undetectable because they are constructed of clear plastic that matches the colour of the teeth.

#2. Quicker results

Adults looking for cosmetic dental care have many options, and clear aligners are one of them. The typical length of treatment is only six months; however, depending on the patient’s unique smile, some treatments can take up to nine months.

In addition to being more comfortable than conventional metal braces, clear aligners are the perfect solution for active individuals.

#3. Easy dental hygiene maintenance

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene can become a time-consuming task requiring much effort when wearing braces.

If it is not done correctly, gingivitis and inflammation risk might be increased.

One of the numerous benefits of clear aligners is the convenience of removal, which lets you brush and floss normally without having to contend with metal wires and brackets interfering.

#4. Comfortable

Due to its invisibility and comfort, clear aligners make a fantastic alternative to braces.

Clear aligners are composed of smooth plastic and don’t require as many adjustments as metal braces.

Metal braces can hurt or cause discomfort because the wires and brackets brush against the inside of the mouth.

They can also be taken out while eating and brushing teeth, don’t need frequent adjustments, and are a great solution for people who want to straighten their smile comfortably but effectively.

#5. Fewer trips to the clinic

Your dentist will provide a treatment plan created using advanced software and 3D scans of your teeth before you start treatment.

The length of treatment can occasionally be as long as braces, if not shorter, depending on the diagnosis.

However, transparent aligner therapy significantly reduces the number of dental visits since there are no wires to replace or brackets to attach, tighten, or fix.

Your few office visits can then be used to ensure your treatment is going according to plan and pick up your next set of aligners.

Straightening Your Smile at Norlane Geelong

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