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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Custom Mouthguards While Playing Sports

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Mouthguards

Using mouthguards while playing a contact sport might have a variety of advantages.

Mouthguards are so crucial that the Australian Dental Association (ADA) suggests that all athletes use them in contact sports.

Here are five reasons you should start using a mouthguard when you play.

#1. Prevent concussions

Custom mouthguards can help reduce the risk of a concussion, a traumatic brain injury that can cause headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination.

#2. Protect against tooth fractures

A hard object could hit your teeth during contact sports. This can lead them to fracture or break. Using a mouthguard can help protect your teeth from this type of harm.

#3. Protects against soft tissue injuries

Using a mouthguard can help to avoid cuts to the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Such injuries include scratches, large cuts, and tears in the mouth’s soft tissue.

#4. Protect against tooth displacement

Picture being hit in the mouth with a baseball. It will undoubtedly break your teeth, but it may also displace them.

In other words, it can become so loose that it needs dental work to stop moving so easily.

Mouthguards can assist in distributing force over all of your teeth, preventing one or more teeth from taking the brunt of a blow.

#5. Help prevent neck and jaw injuries

Someone who receives a blow to the head will almost certainly have their teeth come into touch with one another. When this occurs, there is little room for flexibility.

On the other hand, a mouthguard functions as padding and can prevent the jaw from shattering.

Jaw fractures are significant issues requiring surgery, so doing something as simple as wearing custom mouthguards is worth it.

Protect your smile against serious injury this footy season by wearing custom mouthguards!

Keep Your Smile Protected with Custom Mouthguards at Norlane

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