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Top 6 Proven Strategies to Avoid Oral Cancer

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Family Dentists in Geelong

If caught early enough, adequate self-care and a healthy lifestyle can prevent many oral cancers. It is possible to both significantly prevent and treat oral cancer.

In addition, you should be aware of the following information on oropharyngeal and oral cavity cancer:

  • In general, males are diagnosed with these malignancies at a rate that is twice that of women.
  • The number of patients under 50 has been rising, and these malignancies can occasionally affect young adults in their 20s and 30s.
  • Patients who survive their initial bout with the disease are more likely to get a subsequent, related malignancy. This heightened risk may persist for five to ten years.
  • A biopsy is required to diagnose oral and oropharyngeal cancers and abnormalities.
  • Though each of these different malignancies can only occur in a tiny portion of the body, they all have unique origins and therapies.

Here are six actions that experts believe can make a difference.

#1. Maintain good oral hygiene

You cannot adequately fight off potential cancer when you have poor dental hygiene because your immune system is too busy avoiding cavities and gum disease. Because of this, it’s crucial to practise appropriate dental hygiene.

#2. Avoid using tobacco

An increased chance of developing mouth cancer is one of the most common health problems brought on by smoking.

The carcinogenic substances found in cigarette smoke can induce cancer by altering the genetic makeup of cells, particularly those in your mouth cavity.

Smoking increases your risk of cancer by 5 to 10 times compared to quitting.

#3. Limit your alcohol consumption

The chance of developing oral and other cancers is increased by alcohol consumption. Your risk decreases as you drink less. If you do drink, do so moderately.

#4. Consume a nutritious diet

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “cancer preventive superfood,” but several dietary combinations have marginal health benefits.

You can gain the advantages of antioxidants, fibre, phytochemicals, and weight management by eating a lot of fruit and vegetables to help prevent cancer.

It is advised to limit red meat intake and to avoid overcooking meat.

#5. Examine your mouth and lips regularly for any irregularities

How recently have you self-examined for oral cancer? Self-checks should be performed once a month; schedule this activity on your calendar to ensure you don’t forget.

Unsure of what to search for? The next time you have a visit with your oral surgeon, request a demonstration of the procedure.

#6. Visit your Norlane dentist regularly

Regular dental visits allow your Norlane dentist to spot any tooth problems—including early indicators of oral cancer! Your dentist will inspect your smile and look for any indications of oral cancer at your twice-yearly dental examinations.

Remember that oral health encompasses more than essential tooth cleanliness and regular check-ups. Because oral cancer can occur in anyone, you should visit your dentist periodically to check for potential risks.

Even if you know how to prevent oral cancer, you should still get checked out to identify potential issues while they are still treatable.

During a basic dental check-up, your dentist will look over the entire mouth for any worrisome sores or odd spots that could be early signs of oral cancer or precancerous changes.

If detected early, oral cancer can be efficiently treated. But if untreated, this kind of cancer can result in deadly complications, such as the need for facial reconstruction surgery.

Schedule a routine oral cancer screening with your physician or dentist to reduce risk. Always remember that early disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment have the best outcomes.

Oral Health Care at Norlane

Some persons are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer than others. This includes persons who have already had oral cancer and are at a higher risk of having it again.

Discuss your risk with your doctor. If it is higher than typical, you may need to see your doctor or dentist more frequently to have your mouth checked for cancer.

Norlane Dental Aesthetics and Implants believes that everyone deserves healthy oral health and a smile. And we aim to assist you in accomplishing this.

Call us at (03) 5278 2666 or book an appointment online.

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